Saturday, July 24, 2010


This afternoon we went to the pool for a much needed swim! Today is the kind of day that I could live at the pool. It is quite hot and humid outside, but in the water it is always nice and refreshing.

I would say it is time to cool off with a bit of ice cream! It is delicious, no matter the season!

The photo displayed to the right is a very unique piece... it was lots of fun to make! Six generous scoops of various colors/flavors of ice cream suits anyone! A single scoop of each flavor is served in a simple waffle cone ready to be eaten! I don't know about you, but no matter how much I love ice cream, I would have to have an empty stomach to fit all this ice cream in!

Two glasses of refreshing strawberry smoothie/milkshake.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream cone earrings. I also made a matching necklace to go with these fun and dangly earrings.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cherry Pie Delight

You know it is summer when cherries are in season! I love summer fruit, especially cherries. In fact, I would have to say that my favorite kind of pie is cherry. Just about any which way, I love cherries.

I randomly decided to make a cherry pie preparation-board (prep-board for short) and it turned out quite nicely. Following are many shots I took of each piece on the board. As always, I encourage you to click on each photo for full view-- you won't regret it!

The cherry pie prep-board!

A side view of the board.

Rolled-out pie filling and crust. The rolling pin is also handmade.

A small basket of homegrown and hand picked cherries!

The pie itself in the making.

The knife and seeds; the knife is used to dig out the cherry pits/seeds. Look how tiny!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hershey Chocolate Cake

Recently my mom gave me Hershey's 100th Anniversary recipe book to look at. The cover of the book pictured a delicious chocolate cake with cream and raspberries on top! I instantly knew I wanted to imitate it in miniature, so I finally did! Here is the real cake (all rights reserved to Hershey):

... and here is the miniaturized version; please click for full view:

I sculpted cake after cake, but I finally broke the monotony and made some other odds and ends. Making mini cakes can be extremely fun, but just as hard!

A family of turkeys has been visiting us for the past three mornings very faithfully. Along with two adult turkeys (presumably the parents) were five precious little baby turkeys! They almost look like ducks. Today they visited us twice. They are attracted by the seeds that drop from our two backyard bird feeders. While they ate, I was able to take pictures of them.

Above: Eating the leftover sunflower seeds on the ground.

Above: Wandering away through the garden.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Cake Time

Lately I have been working on many new cakes, some of which include carrot cake, chocolate-cherry cake, chocolate-raspberry cake, various rose cakes, and any type of cake that might come to mind. My sweet tooth is dominating my imagination right now!

The Fourth of July has sparked some new ideas for miniatures as well. I have created a red, white, and blue cake, topped with thick, creamy white icing, sliced strawberries, and delicate blueberries.

In addition to making cakes, I have been busy making new bread of all shapes, sizes, and colors! Bread is so much fun to make because you can make it just about any which way, simple or extravagant.