Tuesday, September 24, 2013

An Unusual Project

Throughout the course of the summer, I was primarily focused on the rather lengthy project of creating sculptures to fill an entire miniature display shelf to give to my newly-married cousin (on the occasion of her bridal shower in August). Each miniature has a specific meaning or symbolism related to the bride.  From start to finish, it took approximately 20 tedious hours to complete this shelf.  All in all, I really enjoyed deviating from my normal routine to complete this unusual type of work!

Now that I'm back to school and also balancing a part time job, my time to make miniatures has been very limited.  However, I'm slowly attempting to "fix that problem" in as much as I can, and I hope to be posting more when time permits.

The complete miniature shelf (with a replica of their wedding cake to be created)
Miniature chocolate pretzel box (beside a real one)

The bride's favorite choir music

Sweets and treats corner--from McDonald's Shamrock Shake to frozen yogurt topped with gummy worms

A replica of a snowflake cake that my cousin once made