Monday, August 29, 2011

Garden Tomatoes

Some time ago, I began experimenting on tomatoes. The process was fun, but being the perfectionist that I am, it was time consuming. I am not a huge tomato fan in "real life," maybe a slice or two on my sandwich. But I'll admit that tomatoes are another food that I like creating in miniature.

I also created a pair of tomato earrings, which I coated with a thin layer of glaze. The loose 1:12 scale tomatoes (shown in the first picture below) aren't glazed, but I can't decide if I should apply glaze or not. What do you think? I need help deciding if glaze is a little too much for little tomatoes or not. :)

1:12 scale tomatoes (without glaze)

Tomato earrings (with glaze)


  1. I would say glaze all of them :) The glaze makes them look more realistic - real tomatoes are not matte, they're shiny! That just sums up how I use glaze on my own creations... I only glaze the parts that would be shiny on the genuine article, I find it adds to the realism.

    1. I agree :) tomatoes aren't matte in real life, the glaze makes em look more real. (im actually eating a tomato now :D )

  2. Very nice. I think those look just as good as the ones from our garden. Did you know tomatoes are fruit? It's because of their seeds for some reason.