Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Few Purchases

Well I finally convinced myself to make a few purchases recently! I bought several items, but I'll only be highlighting one of my bakery display cases and glass cake stands in this post (a few other items are on back-order unfortunately). It has been so much fun playing around with my new little accesories!

You'll also find some pictures below of the first attempts at making my new cake box design. It's still in the testing stage, but I thought I mind as well share anyway!

Bakery case

Glass cake stand... with a lid!

Cakes in the display!

My new cake box... and you can even peek to see what the cake looks like inside!

A little closer look with the lids half-way open.


  1. Your cakes are fabulous! The display case is so suitable and the boxes are great. Bravo

  2. Le tue torte sono bellissime, e le scatole lo valorizzano ulteriormente.

  3. Oh your cakes look wonderful with the glass stands and the case! And I love your new cake boxes, the see-through window on top is a great idea!

    - Grace

  4. I have to chime in and say that I really like your display boxes! The fluting is wonderful.

  5. Good purchase, a very good thing for displaying things, not just cakes! And the boxes are adorable~ Makes your cakes look even more real!

  6. Wow your cakes are fantastic. They look wonderful in the boxes. love the cake stand with lid. Cool display case. Greetings Maria

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  8. My sister and I like this bakery case!