Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hershey Chocolate Cake

Recently my mom gave me Hershey's 100th Anniversary recipe book to look at. The cover of the book pictured a delicious chocolate cake with cream and raspberries on top! I instantly knew I wanted to imitate it in miniature, so I finally did! Here is the real cake (all rights reserved to Hershey):

... and here is the miniaturized version; please click for full view:

I sculpted cake after cake, but I finally broke the monotony and made some other odds and ends. Making mini cakes can be extremely fun, but just as hard!

A family of turkeys has been visiting us for the past three mornings very faithfully. Along with two adult turkeys (presumably the parents) were five precious little baby turkeys! They almost look like ducks. Today they visited us twice. They are attracted by the seeds that drop from our two backyard bird feeders. While they ate, I was able to take pictures of them.

Above: Eating the leftover sunflower seeds on the ground.

Above: Wandering away through the garden.


  1. ¿cual es la foto del original y cual la de la mini? Esta genial ,muy bien realizada.