Monday, July 12, 2010

Cake Time

Lately I have been working on many new cakes, some of which include carrot cake, chocolate-cherry cake, chocolate-raspberry cake, various rose cakes, and any type of cake that might come to mind. My sweet tooth is dominating my imagination right now!

The Fourth of July has sparked some new ideas for miniatures as well. I have created a red, white, and blue cake, topped with thick, creamy white icing, sliced strawberries, and delicate blueberries.

In addition to making cakes, I have been busy making new bread of all shapes, sizes, and colors! Bread is so much fun to make because you can make it just about any which way, simple or extravagant.


  1. Oh yum!!! These are great! The strawberry/blueberry cake sounds wonderful!! I just posted a pic of a layout I finished with one of your flower charms on my blog! I added your blog and website as well to make sure you get credit!

  2. That is so sweet of you, Mary! Thanks for everything! =)

  3. Bravissima! Sono rimasta affascinata dalle tue creazioni.