Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Little Candies

Over the weekend I finished an order which included three gingerbread house prep boards. I have decided to share a few pictures of them even though they may be a little out of season. Why not? Some of you might have already seen it before.

Without a doubt I spent the most time making the candies for the jars. The rainbow dots and gumdrops were most tedious to create!! I don't even want to think of how much time I spent making the candies. In the end it always looks colorful though.

Last Saturday night I went square dancing. It was my first time, and it will certainly not be my last! I just love dancing.

Yesterday I went to my eye doctor for my annual check up (my left eye is weak). Unfortunately there was bad news.. the doctor told me that I will be needing a third eye surgery. I wouldn't have ever guessed! Now I'm just dreading it.

After talking about it for a while, we decided that early June would probably be the best time for surgery. But that means I can't go swimming for a while!

Let's just hope that I will recover quickly so that I can have a productive summer and get back to making more miniatures. :) Sounds easy.... right??


  1. These are so delightful and so beautifully made too! The sweets are the tiniest I've seen! I love the canes too! Fantastic work! :o))

    I'm sure your operation will be fine, it's always the dreaded thought of having one that's mostly the worst thing. June will be here and gone in a flash and you can continue with what you love doing! :o))

    Michelle :o))

  2. I just went through an op myself and I totally understand how you may be a little worried now. But all will be well and things will be better than before :)

    Your gingerbread house prep board is WONDERFUL!

  3. Muy buen trabajo!!! Hummm cuantas cositas buenas!!!

  4. Your miniatures are wonderful!
    I make miniatures. I can be part of your followers?