Friday, August 20, 2010

A Taste of a Summer Evening

It's a lovely summer night and a group of people are sitting around a camp fire. Everyone is happily savoring the delicious combination of flavors that a simple s'more has to offer.

What better way to capture this moment than with a miniature? This s'more board highlights the tastiness of that crisp, toasty s'more. On a simple paper doily are four fully prepared s'mores simply begging to be eaten. Several jumbo size marshmallows remain motionless in their place, ready to be stabbed ruthlessly by a stick and then heated over the fire. Many honey graham crackers are scattered here and there. It's time to eat some s'mores!

Please note: I played with my little pieces on a miniature table before gluing them to their board. The final product is to the above and to the right.

Here are the pieces on the table.

Close up of the twigs on the table.

Holding two on the marshmallows on the sticks.

Just look at those graham crackers. Yum!