Monday, August 9, 2010

Mmm, sugar...

Everything that I have been making lately is related to sugar. Cakes, candies, and cookies!

I must thank three very determined friends who went through a very disgusting recycle bin with me last night! When making a miniature pie, I use a bottle cap for the dish. I always salvage old caps from glass bottles! We found a gold mine of bottle caps in the recycle! I have an entire bag full now; I like to stock up so that I have them in times of need. I would say it is time to make some more pies.
This afternoon I made another carrot cake-- a miniature cake of course, not real! I am also working on some very unique ice cream pieces. I am steadily increasing my stock with new items for the craft show on October 23rd.
A miniature graduation sheet cake for my cousin, Maggie, who has just graduated from high school and our dance group. The lettering "Class of 2010" was extremely difficult to make! Also shown is the diploma, graduation cap, and the Trinity knot. We have been dance partners countless times.
Two platters of cookies and sweets which were custom ordered.

Here is one of the individual shots of the platters. Displayed in the photo above are chocolate covered pretzels, red jelly cookies, neopolitan wafers, three pink macaroons, and three purple macaroons.

This second platter displays several heart cookies, peanut butter blossom cookies, pink/white candy canes, and purple/white candy canes.

My newest box of chocolates.


  1. Enhorabuena, te han quedado maravillosamente real.
    Me encantan!!!
    Es una buena idea, guardar tapas para hacer la base de las tartas.
    besitos ascension