Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bring on the Gingerbread Houses!

It's gingerbread house making time!  Considering how tedious these little structures are to make, I actually had a lot of fun getting back to making them.  After all, it's only once a year that I get to make gingerbread houses!  I am definitely anxious to design more, but here is one that I'd like to share in the meantime. :)

Early Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow readers from the United States!  I hope that your holiday is full of family and love...sending my thanks to all of you this Thanksgiving!
Delicate, dainty, and delightful!
The rear of the house
The front of the house
Looking down


  1. So adorably cute and tiny! The walls of the gingerbread house are really well made! I do wonder how you got your "gingerbread" for the walls and roof so flat! Mine seem to end up lopsided, or one wall has huge bumps in it ect.. Really good job! :)

  2. Acabo de descubrir tu blog y lo que he visto me encanta!!! Tienes unas manos maravillosas en la creación de alimentos minis!!
    Esa casita es toda una delicia!!!

  3. What beautiful work! Fr. Kevin would love to make one for the children's Christmas Party. Alas, his fingers are too clumsy. LoL. Awesome stuff!

  4. You are so talented. I have just begun construction on my first dollhouse, an am working simultaneously on other mini products.. I LOVE what you're doing here. Can't wait to order up some treats in your shop.

  5. Adorable! It is obvious that you put a lot of time into this tiny house - I love it!