Monday, November 8, 2010

Following the Leader

Today I excitedly went back to work on my miniatures after successfully finishing off the craft show last Saturday. The show was full of wonderful surprises and I met so many nice people. Although I remain busy, I have no reason to complain... I would much rather be busy than bored!

I would like to introduce you to my set of yellow rubber duckies pictured to the right. Simple and cute. You can see two little babies following the leader... a.k.a. their mommy. These little friends found a good new home last Saturday at the show.

Ideas are booming inside of my mind right now. Of course I scribble everything down inside of a notebook so that I won't forget them the next day. Once again, I can't wait to share countless new items... in due time!


  1. Loving it! So cute. I love little yellow duckies and these are just over loaded with cuteness.

  2. That looks like something Valentina would bite on!