Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Well, I made my first leeks! They don't look too bad. You can judge them for yourself. I can't wait to add them to vegetable arrangements that I have in mind to make sometime.

Without a doubt, I have been making less miniatures since school started... that I have said before. My entire schedule has been adjusted. I can't wait to unveil some new surprises!

I have been very active for the past three Saturdays. I am looking forward to the upcoming weekend when I can stay at home, and maybe even sit down with my minis.

The bread-making prep board which is now completely finished. You can see a pile of flour, some wheat, brown eggs, one cracked egg, dough, a rolling pin, and a cooked and sliced loaf of bubbly bread.

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  1. Those leeks look very nice; the bread looks better than what I would bake!